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2011 Results

2011 was all about the Fuji Mountain Race, and undertaking some solid warm up training races in order to prepare for it.

All the rain and flooding early in the year, however, saw me postpone my first race of the season in February, leaving the first race to be the 20th March – The Twilight Half Marathon.

Even just getting to the starting line of some of these races was a tough ask. Suffering from Achilles Tendonitis for most of the year, it meant my hill training and racing was delayed for 4 months! Not ideal for my Mt Fuji preperations.

That being said, I ran a blinder at the Twilight Half Marathon, then had a great race off-road (and at one point off-trail!) at the Wilde Horse Criterium. Then finally, some mountain running in the form of a return to the Glasshouse Cooks Tour, and a dabble in the Australian Mountain Running Championships at Camp Hill in North Brisbane.

Finally, as July came upon us, it was time for the Fuji Mountain Race, the hardest most rewarding run of my career.

A number of these races are featured in my forthcoming book. Those reports that have found themselves on the editing room floor remain featured here as additional material. Just click on the link!

  • 1st        (2:21:10)   Glasshouse Mountains 30km (May 15)
  • 7th       (2:38:13)   Wildhorse Criterium 30km (Apr 24)
  • 23rd    (1:27:38)   Twilight Half Marathon (Mar 20)
  • 23rd    (1:06:27)   Australian Mountain Running Championships (May 29)
  • 126th      (37:52)   Gold Coast Marathon 10km (July 2nd)
  • 249th  (3:42:00)  Fuji Mountain Race (July 22nd)

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