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In the year 2000, at age 24, I was living in Japan, teaching English, and having a great deal of fun! But it was at this time that I contracted a virus that temporarily did not allow my body to digest fat. The doctor prescribed me sushi, green tea, and excercise. I started to run…

Eight years later, in 2008, I ran my first race: The Gold Coast Marathon 10km (43:49). And that was the moment when I became a runner, as opposed to a jogger. I’d found my purpose. So, in 2009 I decided, if I could run 10kms, I could run 21kms, and if I could run 21kms, I thought, I could run 42kms. And that is exactly what I did!


I quickly became known as ‘The Running Man’ at work and amongst friends, and 2 years later after my first race, I took that name on, and completed the The Gold Coast Marathon (3:08:54). But that was only just the begining. A sub 3hr Marathon was there to be run, and new challenges were just begining to take formation in my mind.

I’d discovered, in the process of running my Marathons, a further purpose to running, other than for fitness, health, freedom, and a sense of achievement. I’d discovered the purpose and drive of running for a cause. In 2009, I raised $1,365 for CPEC, adding new purpose to my running obsession.

A year later, I raised $1,750, exceeding my fundraising goal, and hitting my 3hr Marathon target bang on (Melbourne Marathon – 3:00:22). The sense of achievement was overwhelming.

But still, I could not help but feel there was something more I could do. I wanted more. I wanted to run new races, tackle new challenges, and find new reasons to be out there, giving it my all.

projectfujifundraisingtallyIn 2011 I ran up Mt Fuji as part of the Fuji Mountain Race, a 21km run from the base of Mt Fuji in Japan to the very top (a 3000 meter ascent), and I did so in memory of my late Sister-in-Law, Christina Bingham, who passed away May 9 2007. I managed to raise more than $15,000, for Oxfam Australia in the process, a cause that would have been very dear to Christina- helping those less fortunate throughout the world.


This year, I have far less heady goals… to simply get back into my running. As currently, I have an injury threatening to put end to this pursuit before it even really takes off. But, I will not give up. I have been battling this new challenge for six months now, I intend to keep fighting until I’ve won.


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