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2010 Results

The 2010 season was a year of highs and lows for me, with the final race of the year, the Melbourne Marathon, being my greatest achievement and most enjoyable race. Not only did I manage to raise $1750 for the charity, CPEC, but I managed a PB of 3:00:22 in the race.

Other achievements include a 9th place in the Run the Great Whitsunday Walk 28km trail run, and a 6th in the Glasshouse Cooks Tour 30km trail run.

A number of the races and their race reports have featured in my forthcoming book. However, those reports that have found themselves on the editing room floor are featured here as additional material. Just click on the links!


    •  6th         (2:17:02)     Glasshouse Cooks Tour 30km (May 6)
    • 9th         (2:43:04)     Run the Great Whitsunday Walk (Sept 19)
    • 13th       (3:03:17)     Brisbane Marathon (Aug 1)
    • 27th       (1:26:49)     Queensland Half Marathon (Jun 6) 
    • 42nd          (12:34)     Eureka Climb    (Nov 14) 
    • 59th           (42:57)     Clem7 Tunnel 10km (Feb 28)
    • 65th       (1:33:43)     Twilight Half Marathon (Mar 21)
    • 138th        (38:59)     Bridge to Brisbane 1okm (Aug 29)
    • 232nd   (3:00:22)     Melbourne Marathon (Oct 9)
    • 305th    (3:08:54)     Gold Coast Marathon (July4)

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