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Clem 7 Tunnel

The 10km CLEM7 Tunnel Run was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run, jog or speed-walk the entire length of the Clem Jones Tunnel (the new tunnel under the Brisbane River) in a competitive event, and was limited to 5000 participants only.

The event was set for early 2010, and held from 6.30am to 9.00am on a Sunday prior to the tunnel’s official opening to traffic. The date was announced just weeks before the event…

I turned up nice and early, rested, and ready. My hip/groin/quad muscle/s still hurting a lot, but I was banking on the fact that in my training runs the pain seems to subside once I start running. It thankfully did.

I ran a good race. A smart race, not going out too fast too early and making sure I had the fuel left in the tank for the final tough climb out of the tunnel to finish. I ran 4 minute kms which was my goal. My only complaint was that I perhaps started out a little too slow to crack my goal of a sub 40min race. But by doing thatr, I was thankful come the end of the run.

The race was just over 10kms so I timed my 10km split – 41min 03 – a PB which I’m really pleased with, but still yet to get sub 40 min, so plenty of motivation still left for the 10km distance for the remainder of the year.

Overall race time – 42.22min, and will update once I get my official position.

Race Results

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